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Copy of Bright Graphic Designer Portfoli

I’m an online marketing strategist and social selling expert.

I teach small businesses & agencies how to get clear on their strategy, connect with their community and attract their dream clients effortlessly using proven digital & internet marketing formulas. 


I have 10 years of experience working in both sales and marketing departments in the software industry helping companies build their brands get more leads and close more deals. 


The last 5 years I’ve used those same formulas to help small businesses (in many industries) make more money online by gaining more visibility, driving traffic and increasing their sales.

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Industry Awards:

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Expanding your digital reach will give you the freedom and flexibility in your business that you're searching for.

Working together, you’ll receive the support you need to get it done right, the first time. 


I am passionate about working with mompreneurs because as a Mom I know we already have too much to deal with. We deserve the business of our dreams that also creates a healthy work-life balance and ample room for self-care. The women in my tribe are truly changing the world, and their energy is what nourishes my soul. 


If you’ve come this far, you are no doubt a purposeful action taker, who wants to shine brightly online to change the world. 

Let's connect to see how we can make magic together!



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The pineapple represents hospitality, friendship, and kindness.

It’s known for its fun nature, and historically used for important celebrations. There is no bigger celebration than YOU and the digital splash you are deciding to make!

When I was rebranding my business from DeSouza On Demand to Marketing 4 Moms, I looked introspectively, and I wanted to manifest all the attributes that I loved about myself and my clients in a visual manner.


I don’t believe marketing and building your empire have to be so serious and stressful. I want my clients to get a sense of ease when they work with me, knowing they are supported but we can have fun along the way!

Image by Brooke Lark

Why are there pineapples galore?

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Meet My



Website Designer & Photographer




Web & Graphic Designer

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Social Media


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Facebook Ad Manager + Social Media Marketing

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