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Let me know if you’ve ever had these thoughts…


  • What is an Instagram Reel & why is it important?

  • What do I even say in an Instagram Reel?

  • What is the strategy behind posting a Reel?

  • How do I edit Reels and add captions?

Sound Familiar? 


I’ve been hearing this from so many clients and community members. That’s why I decided to create a super Instagram Reels resource for you! 

Introducing My FREE eBook

"What You Need To Know About Instagram Reels Right NOW"

In this 20-page eBook, designed to guide you through the entire process of creating a Reel, you will learn:


What Instagram Reels are, and why you should pay attention to them 💡 


How to get a bit fancy when you are producing your Reels


How to use the Reels portion of the app to create a Reel - from start to finish 


Best video practices to get you recording today 📹

Bonus I am throwing in 10 topics & content ideas for you to get started today 🎉

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Online Marketing Strategist & Social Selling Expert 


If you are ready to shine online using proven social selling strategies,

you're in the right place! 


I've worked with 100's of entrepreneurs to highlight their authentic selves on web, social, email and to build red hot sales funnels.  I am passionate about helping small businesses thrive in their niche and monetize their audience. The internet is no longer the wild west, where anything goes. There are tried and true digital strategies that WORK. 

Understanding the rules of the game is the first step, but showing up as your authentic self is the real secret to success. 

I tell my clients all the time,

"people do business with people they like" 

and honestly, it can be that simple for you too. 


If you are ready to shift your mindset, show up every day to do the work, and want a trusted marketing partner who is also invested in your success, book your FREE 15 min digital audit - and I will review your current social selling strategies and give you real-time feedback on how you can improve ASAP. 


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