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How To Create A

Instagram Reel


Let me know if you’ve ever had these thoughts…

  • What is an Instagram Reel & why is it important?

  • What do I even say in an Instagram Reel?

  • What is the strategy behind posting a Reel?

  • How do I edit Reels and add captions?

Sound Familiar?

I’ve been hearing this from so many clients and community members. That’s why I decided to create a super Instagram Reels resource for you! 

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Introducing My Free eBook:

"What You Need To Know About Instagram Reels Right Now!"

With the help of our strategist, we have designed a 20-page eBook, to guide you through the entire process of creating a Reel, you will learn:


What Instagram Reels are, and why you should pay attention to them 💡 



How to use the Reels portion of the app to create a Reel - from start to finish 


How to get a bit fancy when you are producing your Reels



Best video practices to get you recording today 📹


I am throwing in 10 topics & content ideas for you to get started today 🎉

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