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10 Essential Tips and Tricks for A Blogging Website

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Businesses that blog get 97% more link clicks to their websites.

I am sure you thought that blogging doesn't make much of a difference to your site. Well, we just gave you proof! Think about this, when curious to know answers to questions, you use Google, and what do you open on Google? Blogs on business websites!

This is why you should be blogging and even update it regularly. Get going now, make a blog page and ensure you follow these tips.

Clear Navigation

Users should find any information easily on the website because they are here for that. When reading a particular blog post, is there a quick way for them to read another one? Have you categorized your posts for fast access? These small things create an impact.

Best Content Forward

When a reader lands up on your website, you instantly want them to see your best content up front and get hooked. This how you make them stay! Put your best foot forward by showcasing your most popular and loved content first, above the fold.

Attract and Make Them Stay

Users are curious to find what they are looking for, but is that it?

The key is to attract them with your looks. The colors, graphics, and photos should pull them instantly! Once you create that memorable first impression, they will not only stay but also keep coming back.

User Experience

Would you stay on a website that takes long to load or has broken links? Or worse, an image related to the blog topic fails to load! This experience has to be seamless, no room for error at all! One mistake, and you lose your reader.

SEO Tools

SEO is the best way to attract more readers and come to the limelight. Use intentional and relevant keywords, research the most popular SEO plugins for your platform, install them and make sure you are using them correctly.


Essentially, the purpose of a blog website is to provide information, but it should be available anywhere and everywhere. Always make sure that your site opens on the phone and is easy to ready. Stick with a good balance when deciding picture and font size, not too big or small.

Trends and Inspirations

It is always good practice to get inspired and stay updated with the trends. Understand why other websites stand out, research, and apply similar strategies according to your business. No, not copy and paste! Base those ideas around your unique brand.

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