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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In this post, you’ll find nine font pairings for feminine brands to create logos, art prints, stationery, and more!

Just like women, font pairings for feminine brands can be (and do) anything. I don’t often design logos or brand identity, but I love the process of finding the unique qualities that make up the company or individual. And fonts make it so easy to express those distinct strengths.

If you are a graphic designer who specializes in branding, or you’re developing a logo for your new business idea, this collection will give you ideas for stellar font pairing. Whether you use these exact combinations or mix, match, play, and let your creativity run wild.

These font pairings for feminine brands extend beyond branding and logo development. They could also be used to create art prints, quote graphics, stationery, and printable designs, and more.

Font pairings for Feminine Brands

Whether you’re creating a brand that is chic and understated, bright and imaginative, or daring and confident, l hope that this collection inspires your latest design.

Where to find fonts featured in this post

The fonts in this collection are all timeless, and versatile— two important qualities to consider when choosing your fonts. All of these typefaces can be found on Canva.


Although there are many apps you can use to create your graphics, Canva is by far one of the best and most popular apps used by creators. Canva has a variety of features, templates, elements, photos, fonts, and functions that you can play around with.

Canva makes graphic design simple, easy, and fun. Not only can you create a variety of beautiful graphics with no experience, but you can also use many features for free if you don’t want to upgrade to the paid version. Even though I personally use the paid version, I was able to create a ton of graphics when I only had the free version.

Although Canva has a lot of free fonts to choose from, not all of their fonts are attractive. So you have to be careful when choosing fonts.

Below is my favourite 5 feminine font pairing with Canva

  1. Majesty & Cerebri Light

  2. Waymar script & Playfair Display SG

  3. Compground & Wire one font

  4. Warm Script & Poppins Light

  5. Scandilouer script and Znikomit

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