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5 Landing Page Examples and Essentials

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Confused about what exactly is a landing page? No, it is not the homepage or any other webpage. It is a separate web page that is created for a specific purpose which could be lead generation, registrations, newsletter, or sales. You will understand this better once you know what does a landing page consists of and take a look at the examples.

Striking Headline and Sub-Headline

A strong headline and sub-headline should be crystal clear and relatable. It should talk to the audience’s pain points or frustrations and hint at the solution.

Powerful Image

The image is the visual attraction for the audience and is the first thing they will see. Use an image that you know will work and that describes your business or offering perfectly.

Convincing Copy

This is where you convince them to click the CTA. Make sure the copy lists what is in it for them and why should they pick you? Talk in detail about what they are feeling, empathize, address the problem and offer your solution.

Social Proof

On this page specifically, social proof is the key to conversions. Gather your best proofs and highlight them in a powerful way that persuades the user to click immediately.

Closing Statement

Use this statement to gain their confidence one last time. You can re-instate why this is just the right thing for them.


Make the button stand-out on the page and use contrasting colors. Make sure it shines as the most important element of the page.

Contact Information

In the footer of the page, add your contact information in case the user wants to contact you and know more about the business before the offer.

Landing Page Examples:

1. Codeacamedy

An engaging landing page example! Codeaccamedy’s page headline has social proof embedded in it. It does a great job at addressing the pain points of the audience throughout the page. It first takes you through the steps, answers your doubts, and with a closing statement asks you to sign up. The quiz is a great element to convince the audience to sign up.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot’s landing page gives an in-depth understanding of the eBook. It leads with the headline and the sub-headline with a CTA for the warmer audience. For the cold audience, one can scroll to the benefits. It even offers a preview of the eBook. I love the FAQ section especially, it is a great addition to the page.

3. Tableau

This is a great example of social proof. It showcases a customer’s testimonial who states the benefit of using the product and they also have a ‘featured in’ which builds trust. It is also a good idea to describe the company as it creates a brand recall.

4. Shopify

Shopify’s landing page has a lead generation form that is extremely easy to fill. It addresses user concerns like skill scale, pricing and trust. The client logos and the strong testimonial showcase powerful social proofs.

5. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer’s page is simple but so effective! The headline and sub-headline grab your attention immediately and state the benefits. The image gives a preview of the tools and the closing statement convinces you again to join the membership.

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