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7 Mistakes You Are Making On Your Website Homepage

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What’s the purpose of a homepage? It is to get the user to click on the next page or stay on the website longer. And if that isn’t the case, you are doing something wrong. High bounce rates and low average time spent by the visitor are signs that you need to make changes.

Here are SEVEN mistakes that you are possibly making on this essential page.

Too Much Clutter

Simple and clean. Never overload the page with too much content as the visitor will be lost. Once they are lost, you have wasted the opportunity to sell to them. The key is to clear the clutter, stick to what is vital and keep it brief.

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Non-Strategic CTA

The next time you shop online, look for the Add to Cart button and notice the color, placement, and background. Every element is intentional, and the intention is to get you to click it. Similarly, plan a strategy for the CTA on your homepage. Make it visually attractive and easy to read. Never overwhelm the viewer with too many CTAs.

Competitor’s Copy

Why would someone stay on your website if it looks similar to the competitor? Provide them a reason to stay and take action. It can only happen when you have a strategy that works exclusively for you and your brand.

Hard to Find Contact Info

Your contact information should always be easy to locate. Period! You want the potential customer to contact you, and when they can’t find a way to do that, they will be gone for good. Include a contact form or place the information in the footer. You can even include a chatbot wherein the audience can interact with you during business hours.

Unnecessary Animation

Less is more. This rule applies to animation on your homepage. Don’t get carried away and add animated elements everywhere. Think about where it is necessary. For instance, you can include a hover animation for the CTA or change its color on the hover.

Neglected Layout

Why are the logo and the menu always at the top of a homepage? Brand Identity!

The layout of a homepage has a purpose and needs to make sense. If your priority is to book your online class, highlight it on your homepage at the top itself. Your goals and objectives should reflect through the layout of the homepage.

No Lead Magnet

Your goal is to receive a high number of leads, but the homepage doesn’t have a lead magnet? It needs immediate attention. A lead magnet is the best way to develop a relationship with the visitor. Once the user is gone from your website, a lead magnet nurtures that relationship and allows you to turn them into a paying customer.

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