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Checklist For Building An Attractive Website On Wix

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Long gone are the days when you had to worry about knowing HTML coding for designing a website. You can create a stunning and attractive-looking website with Wix.

1. Choose Wix as the Platform

After you have created an account, picked a plan according to your needs, the first thing Wix will ask you is which platform you want to choose. Since this is a beginner website checklist, you should go ahead and choose Wix.

2. Choose the Right Business Category

The next step is to choose your business category. You must select the correct category because Wix shortlists templates according to the selected classification. Don’t worry if your business type isn’t listed. You can click on other, and Wix will offer template options later.

You can choose one of the two steps based on the website customization you are looking at and the time you want to dedicate.

3. Choose Wix ADI

Wix ADI is like an Artificial Intelligence (AI) magic wand. Wix will first ask you a few simple questions regarding your business and create the entire website and pages on its own.

i) Enter the niche of your business type

Wix will ask you the type of site you want to create. Enter your niche business keywords and select the one that is perfectly or closely relevant to you.

ii) Select features that you will require on your website

Wix will automatically choose features for you. You can then tick which ones you want and even pick additional ones. For example- For a fitness coach, an appointment and calendar feature is necessary.

iii) Name your blog

iv) Import older website content

If you have a previous website, enter the details, and Wix will import the content to this new website

v) Enter your personal details

vi) Pick a theme that resonates with your business

You can change the colors and font later, according to your requirements.

vii) Select a homepage design that you like the most

viii) Add pages to your website that are relevant

viii) Click on Edit Site

Your basic website structure is now ready! It includes the pages you selected on step vii. If you look at the top-left-hand corner, you can find your pages and edit each of them. Now, you can also customize each section, the colors, fonts, and add apps. Lastly and most importantly, add your content and media, and your website is ready!


3. Choose Wix Editor

The Wix Editor offers customization and lets you decide every detail of the website. You can choose from over 500 templates that have a theme included or select a blank template that has a layout.

Here are the things you can customize with the Editor-

i) Pages

You can add a page and add a transition animation too.

ii) Background Change the page background to an image, video, or solid color.

iii) The Add Tool

This tool is the most exciting thing about Wix. It has options for you to add anything and everything you require. You can showcase a video or still images slideshow, add boxes, add logos, social media plugins, blog page customization, and so much more. It is all in there!

iv) Theme Manager

Select your brand-specific color palette and fonts, and it will set as default for the entire website.

v) Wix App Market

Depending on your needs, you can integrate an app that will make things easier. For example- You can add a form builder that will automatically mail you when there is an inquiry.

vi) Media

Upload your branded or stock images and videos.

viii) Blog Manager

You can maintain your blog pages in a single place and customize the layout and the blog pages specifically.

ix) Bookings Manager

You can customize your price plans, subscriptions, products, booking calendar, etc.

x) Ascend Business Tools

Ascend by Wix offers complete marketing and customer management solutions. For example- You can utilize it for email marketing, SEO, social media analytics, and more.

We have some special mentions too.

You can use the developer mode in case you wish to add custom HTML codes.

You can also create an ERROR 404 when a particular link fails to work.

4. Go Live with your Domain Name and Publish

We know you are very excited to see your website in action but wait, there is one last but very important step that you need to complete before publishing it to the world.

You need to connect your own domain. For this step, you need to head to 'My Sites', select your website name, click on 'Connect your Own Domain', and now you can either buy a domain name or connect it to your older website domain name.

BONUS TIP: By default, you are designing the desktop site, and Wix automatically optimizes it for mobile, but you should preview the entire website for the phone to ensure there aren't any discrepancies.

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