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Guide to Designing a Website for Women Entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hey, there fellow entrepreneur! You have finally decided to design your website but are scared of the time commitment? I know how difficult it is to start something new, I get your struggle. That’s why I created this simple guide to make it super easy for you to make a website on your own. YOU GO, GIRL!

Define Your Purpose

Start by answering what objectives you want to achieve with your website. Your goal can be to inform, sell, or build an email list. Once you are clear about your purpose, only then can you have a high-performing website. You cannot start making a website without an agenda in place.

Scan The Internet

Research for trends and inspiration according to your goal and business niche. Refer to Pinterest to understand what is trending. Notice the colors, functionality, style, layout, and make notes. Next, create a rough layout with a pen and paper-based on your research.

Mood Board

A mood board is similar to a vision board where you set a tone for your business. It includes defining colors, font, image styles, and other brand elements. Try some free resources to design one or use Canva if you are comfortable with it.

Picture Credit: Beasty Design

Choose a Website Builder and Theme

This decision varies on how tech-savvy you are. Choose Wix or Squarespace, for a quick, not too much control and user-friendly kind of experience. Go for WordPress, if you are looking for complete control, can handle tech, and understand simple coding. Select a theme or a template and get to work.


Plan and place your content according to your goal. Prioritize content that meets your objective and you will get higher results. Create pages based on your content. Keep in mind to stick with the mood board. Integrate SEO tools wherever needed.

Lead Machine

Whether your goal is to sell or build a list, lead generation is a must on your website. Offer a free ebook or a guide to grow your email list. You can even send a weekly newsletter to keep your audience connected.

Create a Blog or Podcast

Blogs and podcasts are traffic attractors. Based on your business niche, create content for blogs or podcasts regularly. It builds a connection with the audience, and they start trusting you.

Social Proof

Another way to build trust and showcase credibility is through social proof. Put forward your best testimonials, client reviews, awards, recognitions to show them you are extremely good at this. Use a plugin to integrate your Instagram feed that shows a different side of your content.

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