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How to Achieve a Modern Clean Web Design Look

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

We know what you are thinking! Often modern, clean, minimalistic looks seem to sound boring in the head, but obviously, it isn’t. Clean and minimalistic is the new trend almost everywhere whether it is home interiors, a way of life, or web design.

Our website examples will convince you strongly about this!

1. Apple

2. Spotify

3. Squarespace

4. Mailchimp

5. Logitech

Now that you believe me, let’s discuss how to achieve this look-

White Space

Will you able to find things in a messy or clean house? The spick-and-span home, right? Because there is space and scope to look around. That’s what white space is! It’s just empty area around the website that fulfills the purpose of a distinct design and easy navigation.

Font Choice

When your aim is to create a minimalistic look, fonts play an important role. Go for a bolder font for your headline and simple font for the body copy. Don’t overuse fonts unnecessarily! Stick to two or three at the most. Pay attention to the spacing and make sure the text is easily readable.

Simple Layout

Stick to one simple layout, don’t play with it too much. The simpler, the better. Use a grid layout to ensure elements are aligned and evenly spaced to get that super neat look. White space and layout go hand in hand, plan accordingly.

Clean and Tidy

Declutter and declutter is the key! Remove the unnecessary and focus on cleanliness. If appointments and calendar pages don’t help you achieve any objectives, remove them.

Consistency and Style

Maintain your brand, copy, image, and design tone throughout the website. Nothing should appear out of the blue and outside of your website style. If your website has a happy mood, every element should consistently showcase that. There is where a mood board comes in handy!

Impactful Call-to-Action

The most critical element needs the most attention. Choose the font and color very strategically, and again, stick with the simple look. This element is your answer to conversions and leads, design it, keeping that in mind.

Engaging Color Palette

Align and place your color palette in such a way that it doesn’t look over the top. Play and experiment with your brand color till you have achieved that tidy look. You can also look for resources that can help you find the color palette you are looking for.

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