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How To Write Promotional Emails?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Promotion emails are exactly as they sound: a marketing email written to your audience—whether they’re customers, leads, or subscribers—with information about a promotion you are running.

You can create promotion emails for just about any offer you are running.

1. Limited-Time Offers

Nobody wants to miss out on a good opportunity.

By driving a sense of urgency and triggering fear-of-missing-out (FOMO), limited-time offers nudge consumers to make a quick decision about a potential purchase.

2. Sales Promotion Emails

If you’re running a sale and you’re excited to tell the world about it, email is likely your go-to channel.

Since your subscribers already showed an interest in your brand by signing up for your email list, promoting your upcoming or current sales is a surefire way to convert them.

3. Subscriber-Special Offers

Your prospects are at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

While your first-time website visitors might need more information before buying from you, a special discount code might work better on a prospect who’s already on your email list.

Treat your subscribers with the right incentives, and you’ll not only turn them into customers but also brand evangelists.

4. Product Launch Emails

Whether you’re preparing to release a new book, feature, or product line, product launches are exciting.

Product launches evoke curiosity, engage your email list, and keep your brand top-of-mind.

With the right promotional emails, you can give your new product a boost from day one.

5. New Arrival Emails

While product launches don’t happen every other day, new arrivals are a good excuse for e-tailers to promote their products while engaging their email list.

6. Seasonal Campaigns

Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or whatever holiday you just made up, there’s always a holiday around the corner waiting for you to take advantage of.

Seasonal marketing campaigns not only attract new prospects to your site but also help engage your existing subscribers.

Offering holiday gift guides during the peak of the holiday season, for example, is a great strategy to guide your prospects into better buying decisions, as well as a subtle way to promote your products.

7. Giveaway Emails

Giveaways work like a charm to collect leads, drive engagement, increase sales, and promote products.

How you promote your giveaways, though, is as important as the prizes you offer.

By combining website popups with emails, you can ensure that your giveaway reaches as many potential entrants as possible.

Using email to communicate your special offers, deals, and promotions is definitely worth your while. Just be sure to follow the tips and guidance above so that you maximize your results.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind:

  • Determine your promotion, identify your objective, and target your audience.

  • Focus on the ultimate benefit to the reader

  • Send from a person (if applicable) and use an attractive signature

  • Introduce the promotion in the subject line

  • Use a branded header

  • Break up the body of the email

  • Include visuals

  • Be concise

We use a branded header with appealing imagery that orients the reader to what type of email this is. The title of the content is in large font at the top so that readers can know right away what they are investing their time in. There is a lot of text, but it is broken up by bullet points to make it easily skimmable. Finally, there is a clear CTA at the end to send readers to the full post.

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