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Top 5 Email Marketing Services in 2021

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Email marketing isn't dead — in fact, it's far from dead.

Today, email marketing continues to be a critical strategy for marketing (and sales teams) across an array of industries and business types. As a result, at growing companies, an email marketing service provider (ESP) is one of the first additions to a marketer's tool belt — and for good reason.

Email marketing remains a quick and effective way to engage and nurture leads into loyal customers. It's also extremely cost-effective — some studies show an ROI of up to 4,400%!

Simply, email marketing services exist to make the process of email marketing simpler — they have features and capabilities that enhance and streamline email communication (among other things) to help you identify qualified leads, nurture those leads, and close more deals.

Many of these tools not only offer email support, but they may also help you organize and store the contact information in your CRM — this helps you keep all of your data in a central location for members of your marketing, sales, and service teams to reference down the road.

Here is the list of the top 5 email marketing services in 2021.


If you’re looking for an email marketing tool that will aid you in building your brand and creating that personalized voice for your audience, then Flodesk is your best option.

These email templates are not only beautiful and customizable, but they’re clean and easy on the eyes.

Flodesk costs $39/month, no matter how many subscribers you have. This is an advantage for users who have large lists!

Constant Contact

The service comes with over 100 email templates that you can either use as-is or customize. Once your email looks good, you can easily schedule it to send to your contacts at any time you choose.

Constant Contact has two plans depending on the features you need that start at $20 and $45 per month. The price differentiation is related to your number of contacts. They offer a free trial so you can experiment with the service prior to committing to it.

HubSpot Email Marketing Software

HubSpot's free email marketing software is easy to use, has an extremely high deliverability rate, plus all the bells and whistles you'd expect to see within an ESP.

Hubspot's Email Marketing Software is free forever. However, if you need enhanced capabilities, it may be worth paying for one of the upgraded Marketing Hub plans.


MailChimp has over 300 integrations that help you customize the tool to your business. By using these integrations to further personalize your marketing, you'll get the most out of your email strategy.

MailChimp has four plans to choose from that range in price from free to $299/month.


The goal of AWeber is to make it simple for those who are just getting started with email marketing to segment their contacts, design a professional email, and start nurturing leads.

Customers have praised AWeber for its deliverability. AWeber's deliverability team monitors their servers around the clock to ensure your campaign consistently reaches the' inboxes of your recipients.

AWeber offers a total of six plans that vary in price and features based on your number of subscribers. Unless you're looking to go with the top plan, pricing ranges between $19 and $149/month.


As a marketer, you might want to consider combining your email marketing service with a CRM to give you even greater functionality that can impact your email marketing as well as other marketing sales, and service efforts.

But ultimately, the best email marketing tool for you depends on your team's goals and particular needs — so, review the options above as well as the services' product and pricing pages to get started.

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