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Ultimate Guide To Creating A Brilliant About Us Web Page

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The purpose of the 'About Us' page is to explain who you are and what your business is all about. It is a page that offers answers to all the questions a user seeks to understand and help build a relationship with you.

Here is our ultimate guide to creating a spectacular About Us page.

Introduce Yourself

First and foremost; introduce yourself or your business. Add a picture to build the visitor's trust. Talk about your experience, your goals, your passion, and showcase your brilliant skills. Consider this as a summary of yourself or your brand that convinces a prospective client to come on board.

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Charm Your Way In

To seal the deal with the client after the introduction, you need to present them with some social proof. Woo them with your achievements and awards, showcase your success stories with numbers, and mention your press appearances. But most importantly, display your current clientele that leverages the trust further.

Picture Credit: BuzzSumo

Choose Me, Pick Me

The ultimate decision-maker! Why should they choose you? Why should they buy your services and not your competitors? Be honest about your passion for running your business, state the “why” behind it, and narrate it as an engaging fable.

The Dream Team

Here is where we talk about “the WHO” behind achieving this success. With the dream team, right? The 1998 New York Yankees or the 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers! Give a shoutout to every team member involved in the company, state their roles and skills, and finally, show their happy faces.

Picture Credit: Etsy

Tell A Story

The About Us page has to be very personal, it's like pitching to the potential customer in person, so make it conversational. The best way to do this is through storytelling. Let them know where did you start from, your struggles, your little successes, and how hard you have worked towards your passion.

Picture Credit: Lonely Planet

Behind The Scenes

It’s always best to give a little sneak peek and show what takes place behind all the work. Make this fun and engaging. You can showcase some pictures or videos where the team is working or the process behind a project. This is just a glimpse into what your typical day looks like.

Get To Their Inbox

After the wooing and convincing, the customer wants to begin this relationship. Make it very easy for them to take the next action, place an opt-in or contact form at the end of the page or offer a lead magnet. Congratulations, you have captured a new lead with your new promising About Us page.

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