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Our core focus is working with passionate entrepreneurs who are looking to launch or grow their business while making an exceptional digital splash!  


Our clients choose us to help them effectively communicate their vision and translate it into a notable brand. They realize their digital footstep extends beyond a website and into their social media channels to build a conversation in their own community. 


We attract clients who have grit; that want to do what it takes to get noticed and be at the top of their industry or local market. Ultimately, our clients choose our team because we have the capability to put together a multi-channel digital strategy that makes them money. We are data-driven, technology enthusiasts that build businesses and provide the educational coaching to continue to help them grow once they are ready to be on their own. 


In today's crowded digital marketplace a prospect has to interact with your brand at least five to seven times before responding to your call to action. 


That means emails, social media posts, paid Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn articles, IGTV, FB stories, blog posts & more! Sound like a full-time job to get all of this strategized, planned and executed? You're right, it is!


Never fear, let's meet for coffee and talk about your goals. Let us help you put together a custom digital roadmap that gets you the results you need to dominate your space, but most importantly a return on your investment. 


We can help with:

#websites #brand creation #brand strategy #seo 

#social media marketing #campaigns #graphic design #new product launches #social media coaching #email marketing  #event marketing #paid ad campaigns #content marketing #newsletters #drip campaigns

#email sequencing  #lead generation strategies #analytics #strategic recommendations

& so much more! 



Want more clients? Need more leads? 

Lead generation and demand generation are Shannon's passion! With over a decade of experience in software sales let Shannon share all the kick a$$ strategies tech companies are using at a fraction of the cost. 

We are a digital-first marketing agency that has the education and experience to help you scale your business.  

We can help with:

#lead magnets #outbound campaigns #inbound campaigns #list building #drip campaigns #lead nurturing #paid ad campaigns #attendee acquisition 

& so much more!


Do you have a brilliant idea but are unsure how to get started? Or do you have a  thriving business but as the owner, you want to find a way to scale up and work less?

As a previous entrepreneur with a successful exit, Shannon has the education, experience, and instincts to know what needs to get done. 

We can help with:

#market research #business plans #technology planning #technology assessment #SWAT analysis

#go to market strategy #competitive landscape

#CRM analysis #sales training

&  so much more!



happy clients

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Shop Like A Motha

Just hit the easy button and contact Shannon DeSouza. Her wealth of knowledge really made the process of starting a new business so much easier. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Touchstone NDC logo.png

Touchstone Neurodevelopmental Center

Shannon was a pleasure to work with.  She was organized, efficient, and kept our team on track.  She provided expert guidance in developing a website that was exactly what we were looking for.


Sea to Sky Powerwashing

Shannon was amazing and so easy to deal with. She revamped our business cards to feature our updated logo. Her ideas were fresh and outside the box!

Moses Lake Airshow Logo.png

Moses Lake


Shannon took immediate ownership of marketing the Air Show.  On short notice she set out a plan, worked her team's magic with social media and three months later delivered 45% more attendees than we had anticipated.


Dawn Whittaker

Parenting Coach 

Shannon was instrumental in helping me understand my idea and supporting me on the journey of growing my business.

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