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Social selling secrets for clubhouse

Clubhouse is the sparkly new social media platform everyone is dying to get into. Think Zoom without video, or a live conference session where you can just listen in and an audience just listening in the rafters.  Currently, Clubhouse is invite-only so that makes all the hype of this platform so much more of a bigger deal.

If you aren't currently on clubhouse because you have not received an invite, let me help you solve that problem! 

1) Post on your personal social profile (facebook or IG stories) and ask your network if they can help you. 

2) Ask someone you currently have a relationship with, who is already on Clubhouse and barter for their next invite. If you are using the app and participating it will reward you with more invites. 

2) Look out for "invite ladders" where you can get access to an invite from it being intentionally passed down a line to ensure everyone on the list is getting access. I know my favourite group on FB has been giving some out, and has invite ladders, "unicorn client attraction secrets for high vibe wonder women". 

3) Download the clubhouse app ahead of time, reserve your user name and get in the line

Late December I joined the app, and I'm excited to announce that (within 3 days and less than 30 followers) it is definitely a viable source of leads as long as you know who you serve and how you can help them. 


If you want to learn how to:

1. A winning profile

2. How to network on Clubhouse 

3. I closed my first deal from Clubhouse 

Please download the freebie below. 

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Get My Clubhouse Secret! It's Worth Your Email Address Swap ;)
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Social Selling Expert & Digital Marketing Strategist 


If you are ready to shine online using proven social selling strategies,

you're in the right place! 


I've worked with 100's of entrepreneurs to highlight their authentic selves on web, social, email and to build red hot sales funnels.  I am passionate about helping small businesses thrive in their niche and monetize their audience. The internet is no longer the wild west, where anything goes. There are tried and true digital strategies that WORK. 

Understanding the rules of the game is the first step, but showing up as your authentic self is the real secret to success. 

I tell my clients all the time,

"people do business with people they like" 

and honestly, it can be that simple for you too. 


If you are ready to shift your mindset, show up every day to do the work, and want a trusted marketing partner who is also invested in your success, book your FREE 15 min digital audit - and I will review your current social selling strategies and give you real-time feedback on how you can improve ASAP. 

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